Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Getting Netflix in countries outside of the USA or Canada is something that I wanted to do for quite some time.

Then I discovered a way that I could get it via the appletv:

(1) Go to http://unblock-us.com/ and sign up for a free weeks trial.

(2) Change the settings on your Computer like this http://unblock-us.com/how-to-set-up/, basically you will change your Primary DNS and Your Secondary DNS to the ones that Unblock-US advised you to.

(3) Go to https://www.netflix.com/Default?loms=abcd&fcld=true and sign up for a 1 Month free trial. Make sure that you choose the download only plan, which is about US$7.99 per month. This should not ask for a residential address because you are not receiving DVD's through the mail, only streaming movies/TV Shows.

(4) So Now you have at least 1 week free of Netflix, if you wish to extend it just pay the monthly $4.99 (Canadian) or Yearly $49 (Canadian) - I chose Monthly because I was cautious that Netflix may stop working.

(5) Change the Region in the Apple TV to USA, this will enable Netflix.

(6) Change the the network settings on the Apple TV and manually add the network settings, including the US DNS address (it'll only let you put in one, so I put in the first one). I could then sign into Netflix and watch movies and TV shows through it.

(7) If you want to purchase or rent movies/tv shows from the USA itunes you'll need to create an US itunes account like this http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2010/09/how-to-set-up-a-us-itunes-account/

 So for roughly $US13 per month being Netflix and the DNS subscription I'm getting a lot more out of my new toy than most Apple TV2 users. Netflix streams perfectly and the quality is really good.

The unblock-us DNS subscription also allows access to Hulu, BBC any many more.

I have also moved my modem over to the TV and plugged it directly into my Apple TV for better streaming.

Found out today that if the TV time is wrong then Netflix will not connect...

Better options now would be Unotelly & 12-month gift cards from Ebay.